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Why I Will Always Love Africa


Regardless of the numerous stories about wars, famines, corruption, etc., you read online about Africa, Africa still stands tall and proud and I am very proud to be an African. I thought I would try something different and discuss why I love Africa.  I personally love so many countries in Africa and would like others to also see what there is to love about Africa and remind people why Africa is so great.

Food – I cannot talk about Africa and not mention food. Wither it is Ethiopian food, Kenyan food or any food from countries in Africa, I am in! Last week I was invited to dinner with a friend and tried egusi soup with pounded yam, which is mainly eaten in Nigeria. I love to eat and cook food from many different countries in Africa and I am always ready to try more.

Music – Let’s not forget the music and art Africa has to offer. Eritrean music followed by Nigerian/Yoruba music is my personal favorites and my day is not complete without blasting some Eritrean, Nigerian or Ghanaian music. I am also a huge fan of Art, Ghanaian art in particular is one of my favorite. So bright, colorful and unique.

History – Africa has some good and some bad history. That’s what makes it the Africa it is today. Growing up in America and reading American history and comparing it to African history made me get a true feeling of what countries in Africa have gone through and we should remember that and pass the knowledge to generations after us. Many youths especially African-Americans dismiss or ignore to learn about Africa and I blame some of that on the American education system. However, I believe education regarding Africa starts with ourselves and as I embark on my PhD in Anthropology I will strive to educate and inspire people to look at Africa deeper and learn the different cultures, people and history.  Look around and love the beauty of Africa. It may not be easy to live in some parts of Africa, but that’s what makes people stronger and braver.

Africa brings me to life and helps to clarify my purpose, and though I reside in America, I think I will always yearn for more opportunities to explore and learn from the continent. The main purpose for this blog is to remind people that Africa is wonderful in many ways and we should never forget that.

My heart beats Africa…