Pioneers of Television


Tune in tonight to PBS to watch the newest Pioneers of Television episode as they feature the cast of Root and discuss what the miniseries brought to light.

In 1977 ABC aired Roots, a miniseries based on the best-selling novel by Alex Haley. Unfortunately, it was during that time ABC was worried no one would watch, however, the eight-night epic became one of the most watched dramas in history.

Roots defiantly played a huge role in the African-American community. The television show made a monumental impact as it educated and grabbed the attention many Americans. As a result of the show, Black people were interested in retracing their own history, debating about race issues. What I love most about Roots is that the storyline is told from a black perspective with a predominantly African-American cast. This bold choose helped change the face of television.

 So again please tune into PBS to watch the cast of Roots talk about their ground breaking miniseries and being part of an iconic film.


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