Hopes for an AIDS-Free Generation

When the first AIDS case hit in the summer of 1981, doctors were stunned and weren’t able to asset their patients as much. Fast forward to today, due to global collaboration and investments more then 6 million HIV-infected people in developing nations are receiving lifesaving treatment. Although AIDS has been one of the greatest global fights in history, the international community have been making huge improvements towards enhancing the lives of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in developing nations.

Today, artist Alicia Keys and Bono join forces to come to Washington, DC to give thanks to the United States on World AIDS Day. Since 2002, Bono along with the ONE advocacy group are determined to have an AIDS-free generation by 2015. According to VERTEXNews/Newsroom Solutions,

“Bono writes an op-ed piece in ‘The New York Times’ that millions of people owe their lives to U.S. aid that has made life-saving medicine available to people with HIV.”

During an interview with ABC News this morning Bono stated “the United States has performed the greatest act of heroism since it jumped into World War Two, and in 2002, only about 50-thousand people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to HIV or AIDS treatment when over three million people in those countries were newly infected with HIV.”

This is were I start asking the questions, how can we have an AIDS-free generation when funds are being cut? According to  HIV and AIDS Programme, Dr Vicci Tallis

“The recent announcement from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria that it does not have enough money to finalise Round 10 grants or to open Round 11 is simply devastating and has immense implications for southern Africa, In short, it demonstrates ZERO commitment from developed nations to HIV and AIDS, to Africa, to women,to marginalised communities, to people living in poverty.”

Tallis also points out the epidemic of AIDS is one that everyone needs to take responsibility for including government, civil society, and the Global Fund. I don’t think it’s the Global Fund or the United States ‘responsibility’ to help fund the fight against AIDS. However, it should be a ‘willingness’ to help mankind, especially those who can’t help themselves.


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