Murderer of Gay Activist Sentenced to 30 Years

Today Sindy Nsubuga Enoch, a young Ugandan man was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty for the murder of a gay rights activist, David Kato on January  26th 2011. The Daily Monitor reported:

 “The 30 year sentence was passed by Justice Joseph Mulangira after Nsubuga admitted to have murdered David Kato 46. This verdict was passed based on the evidence produced in court by the lead state prosecutor, Ms. Loe Karungi. Kato’s death was condemned by both local and international human rights bodies including United States President Barack Obama, saying it was an abuse of fundamental human rights. They called upon the government to investigate the cause of his death and speak out against homophobia towards the gay community in the country. The police issued a statement to the effect that Kato’s killing was no way related to his campaign for gay rights.”

Now, I’m not too sure if I truly believe the police statement that Kato’s murder was ‘NO WAY’ related, really?  In 2010 a Ugandan tabloid  Rolling Stone,  newspaper issued names, photographs and address of 100 people with the words “Hang Them!” The individuals on the list were accused of “recruiting” children to homosexuality. Kato along with two of his co-workers Kasha Nabagesera and Julian Patience Onziema from Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) were listed in the issue. As a result, Kato and his colleagues sued the newspaper and demanding to stop publication. Although the petition was granted on November 2, 2010, the paper’s managing editor, Giles Muhame commented:

“I haven’t seen the court injunction but the war against gays will and must continue. We have to protect our children from this dirty homosexual affront.”

As frustrating as that comment is, Muhame is not the only the Ugandan who is anti-homosexuality. Below is a video by Human Rights First showing Ugandan parliamentarian David Bahati (who introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill–legislation that proposes the death penalty for certain cases of “aggravated homosexuality”) debating with  Human Rights First’s Fighting Discrimination program director, Paul LeGendre.

One response to “Murderer of Gay Activist Sentenced to 30 Years

  • Rachel Reddick

    It’s incredibly frustrating that the US itself has had such an influence promoting homophobia world wide. The Uganda law especially had a lot of backing by several prominent and rich American Evangelicals. That’s not an image of the country that I want to be a part of.

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