World Attention on Dedieu’s Death & Not on Famine

Seems like the daily buzz all week has been over the French feminist Marie Dedieu.

The French, Kenyan, and Somali governments have been experiencing outrage since the death of Dedieu on October 19, a handicapped French woman who was kidnapped by an armed band of Somalis from her beach front home on the island of Manda off the coast of Kenya. The French Foreign ministry said yesterday

“the contacts through which the French government was seeking to obtain the release of Marie Dedieu, held in Somalia since October 1, have announced her death, but we have not been able to determine the date nor the circumstances.”

According to the French news,  her kidnappers took her without her wheelchair or medications and refused to give her medication that were sent by the French government.

Although this is a sad story, it seems like Dedieu’s death is becoming the media’s obsession when covering the latest news in the Horn of Africa. Maybe this is why we keep forgetting about the famine and the estimated 29,000 deaths of children under age 5  in the last 90 days in southern Somalia according to U.S. officials.


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