World Food Day

For some individuals like myself food is the center of the world whether it’s experimenting and creating mouth-watering dishes or collecting my weekly livingsocial deals and going out-to-eat with friends. However, for others food presents a daily struggle of simply gathering enough money to purchase something for their family to eat knowing  that tomorrow holds the same challenge.

During my visit to Ethiopia last fall, food was one of the main topics for discussion when speaking to locals about how they lived their lives.  Of all the stories, the one that struck me most was that of a sixty-year-old woman who circumcised little girls for a living to support her children and grandchildren. My heart grew heavier listening to every detail, I knew that her story -the story of desperate hunger- was one I needed to pass on.

My journey to Ethiopia reinforced in me an intense realization that there is urgent work to be done there and as human beings we must try to uplift and offer help when help is needed.

The United Nations stated the famine in East Africa is reported to be the “worst humanitarian disaster in the World,” and if we continue to ignore the cries for help from our brothers and sisters, I am convinced that we stand a good chance of losing Africa altogether. I challenge anyone who says otherwise to go with an open mind to the regions that I went to in Ethiopia and see and experience what I experienced.

As I sit on my couch a year later, I can’t help but to wonder how those same people are doing now and if they are included in the statistics I see on the news, in magazines and on commercial ads.  So tonight I am dedicating my Sunday dinner to farmers and the locals I met in Ethiopia.

Here is a clip of Desmond Tutu message on World Food Day.


3 responses to “World Food Day

  • Shayla

    Very well written my friend! Congratulations on your first blog post!

    My heart most certainly goes out to those that are less-fortunate and face struggles that most of us can’t even begin to comprehend. I pray that we continue to be that difference in the world that will one day be able to change this world. I guess that’s why we chose our career field. To be that difference- instead of just wondering how we can help.

    Congrats again! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts which will then turn in to actions!

  • Rahwa Meharena

    Thank you Shayla. I strongly agree, we must be the difference instead of just wondering how we can help.

  • Lindsey

    I am glad to read this to bring some more awareness of the struggles many of us today take advantage of such as food. My heart goes out to them and hope that more will be done to help those so no one goes without food.

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